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New Batteries

Our new forklift battery cells are sourced from a handfull of tried and tested suppliers and come with a comprehensive guarantee for complete peace of mind, all our batteries come complete with new, air tight, insulated cell connectors and connector bolts. We fit the majority of our forklift batteries on site at your convenience, your scrap cells and any hazardous waste will be safely removed afrom site and environmentally disposed of. The metal case in which the cells are fitted (known as the battery tank) is thoroughly cleaned and protected internaly with an acid resistant coating before your new cells are fitted.

Used Batteries

Our used forklift battery cells are sometimes the best option if you are working on a tight budget, which many of us are in these uncertain times. These batteries are fully tested ex rental cells and NOT FROM SCRAP PACKS often offered by less scrupulous suppliers. They come with a full guarantee so if I cant find quality used cells for your truck then I wont fit them.

Leisure Batteries

We supply and fit the full range and in our opinion, the best quality mono block batteries on the market.

Battery Chargers New/Used

Both new and fully tested used battery chargers available.

Auto WatSystems Weg Systems

We supply and fit all type of battery watering system. Used kits also available.